Holidays in Bali with Anie and Lukas

Angie and Luke are dedicated to make your holiday in Bali was truly without compromise. The young couple are mainly active as volunteers in the rescue zoo, where caring for babies, take care to any of farmed animals and not suffer represent contact beauties of our zoo to the public.


Since early October, all completed several trips around Bali, which the Selang resort offers. Attended the wedding in Bali weddings, christenings, funeral or celebration of the full moon. Just Anie and Luke take care that you have experienced a holiday on Bali, which you will long remember.

A holiday in Bali you can visit the most attractive tourist places of the island of Bali, but also know the life of local fishermen, farmers, nature, traditional rituals and ceremonies. Now you can on our trips to visit the factory for processing cashew nuts and taste the wonderful flavors or enjoy making chocolate tasting

Luke already tried diving in Bali, which are among the very best in the world. In any case, we are happy to advise you how to snorkel or dive in Selange, Tulamben or elsewhere in Bali