Yeh Masem

Easy trip up to 2-3 hours. Only about 7 km along the coast and into the foothills of Mount Lempuyang. A walk through tropical jungles, traditional houses, fields and friendly natives. Holy springs Yeh Masen – do not forget to taste three different flavors of mineral springs with medicinal (supposedly rejuvenating i) effects. The interesting thing about these sources is another flavor (different mineral composition), although they are only a short distance apart.

A unique experience of authentic contact with the natives and unsullied natural surroundings imbued svátostí.Obrovský tree ficus benjamin in the village below the mountain Bangle Lempuyang. Only about 200 meters from the park grows a new project Czech rescue zoo in Bali. View of juicy tropical greenery-covered peaks and Seraya Lempuyang invites you to output to an amazing ecosystem of the mountain forest, only minimally disturbed civilizations.