Diving and dive courses

Not by chance is a substantial part of our hotel guests divers. Amed and surrounding area is attractive for diving and snorkeling for many years. Location front is renowned for the wealth of fish and this is beginning to amazing coral reefs, which continue 700 meters to the east and ends at the Japanese shipwreck – another very attractive location.

Diving center is right by the water. Places for storing and drying kits are on the 1st floor of the building and assembling and rinsing of equipment is reserved on the ground floor with showers and basins.

On dives to walk directly in front of the center. In the current case, it will pick up after a dive on the surface of our boat or take a car or motorbike. The currents here are not dangerous – always directed along the coast and do not stretch into the depths.

On the other dives and snorkeling to ride from the center of the water by boat. On the distant dive sites in Bali we go away and further from the shore or a boat. Boat trips on the run always our guide from the shore, according to the wishes can dive without a guide, but always at least in pairs.