Trek to the Lempuyang

Trek to the Lempuyang (altitude 1058 m) around mountain tropical forest is for those who want to know the tropics with all the trimmings. Condition for the realization of the trip not only serious candidates, a good guide, but good weather and the favor of the gods.

When it rains, the path to the top of Lempuyang turns into a mud slide. With low cloud on top of anything you see. From the hotel depart after breakfast under the previous agreement. The path to the temple at an altitude of 630 m takes about 1 hour. For the temple continues trek around vanilla plantations and other cultural tropical crops into the original mountain forest.

Along the way you can miss the giant pandan with stilts roots. Beware of the rattan palm with sharp hooks at the end of the leaves. Orchids, tree ferns and other botanical seeds jungle all around.

Remember that to enter into the temple at the top of the Lempuyang you need a sarong that close to not buy 🙂 Javanese macaques (monkeys) are causing problems with the natives offerings. Hard to explain to them that these are sacrifices to the gods.

If the gods (cloudiness) allows the view from the top is amazing. Top of the mountain gods Mt.Agung the west, Bangle deep valley in the north and rice terraces with Tepekong islands, Nusa Penida … in the south.